Ilya Vasilyev

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This page is the collection of life principles, which help to go through it. Some call this lifestyle minimalism – sounds nice and feels right. It's not only about Scandinavian interior design, but it's also about finding a meaningful existence.

work remotely

be anywhere, keep a healthy work/life balance, become more effective and future-proof

communicate asynchronously

what can be more frustrating than being forced out of your own context into another, or being disturbed by some insignificant matters?

functionality first

the beauty of things in their functionality, I never understood purely decorative elements

experience over ownership

the ownership can't give you such a spectrum of emotions as experiences can, shared economy is approaching

no impulsive acquisitions

only possess what you really need, ideally, more than once

durability over fashion

prefer high-quality and sustainable things, repair broken things, renew things only when their lifetime is over

go brand-less

don't become a free walking ad

only buy what you can afford

avoid debt at all costs, unless it contributes to productivity growth or capital investment

invest in productivity growth

businesses invest in productivity growth, so should an individual